Flame random questions

i got a few topic that i can’t figure it out:

  1. does anybody know what’s the purpose of the button S+W database backup under Preferences-> Storage or know how to enable it?
    Is it available only on linux workstation or is there any way to enable it? Does anybody know what file does backups? Is it thought to be a way to backup local project db and clips under /opt/Autodesk… because that would be useful to have in preference.
    I couldn’t find anything in the flame documentation about it.

  2. I’m looking for a way to publish a shot with a certain number of frames of handles starting from a specific frame number. The problem that i see is that i would like to set the first frame exported as 1001, but if i enable the handle, it export the first frame of handle as 1001 and i would like that frame 1001 would always represent the first frame (not in the handle).
    I thought to manually adjust it based on the handle i need, but If the clip you are trying to export has a TW… things get even trickier to predict.
    Hope is clear what i’m trying to say and i know it’s seems small issue, but is the only thing that is not working in the publishing process. Is there a way to specify the handles with token or does anybody find a way to work around this issue.
    Thanks Francesco

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What I do with publish is I set under Video Options in the Media Export window,
Use Start Frame to 991.
But timewarps is always a difficult case, that requires manual settings.
Sometimes you want to publish the untimewarped clip.
Standard for export to grading I export 10 frames handles without the TW applied, because I export the source media. But sometimes I commit the timewarps or render from batch with handles. There is no 1 fits all solution with TWs… Hope this helps.

Thanks for your input. I do something similar but for vfx shot publishing i just waste a lot of time setting it manually every time.
It’s a bit annoying because flame does every thing right, except naming the frame as i would like.
Right now from what i understand flame does the following if you want to export with handles.
First things it unroll the handles and then goes to export module and set first frame to export.
It should do that operation in the reverse. first set first frame and then consider the handles frame for export.
An easy solution would be to set it via token or to build a custom python script but i’m not sure there is a way to export with handle in python.

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Hey @Francesco.Bianco, did you manage to solve this handles thing?
I really need flame to render from frame 1001-handles and really cannot believe that it cannot be done.

Flame 2024, just released this Morning, fixes this issue!

You will find a new options in Media Export for Index:
-Use Start Frame: this option uses the frame index from your content and fixes handles accordingly. This is the default value for the Publish presets.

-Custom Start Frame: this option matches the legacy Use Start Frame option and sets the defined index the same way as pre 2024 release. I doubt many will use this option but it is there if need be.

Have a look at this video for more details: Metadata Improvements - Start Frame - Flame 2024 - YouTube

Have fun with 2024 release!