Publishing DPX with an AAF/XML


So I frequently send batches of shots to color with Flame’s AAF publishing, and have it mix down either DNxHR 444 or Prores4444.

The color box they use (Nucoda) has been struggling to playback both formats at high resolutions, it much prefers working off DPX. I’m happy to send drop-ins over as DPX but then I need to give them an EDL instead of an AAF or an XML which is just a lot more finicky. I find myself constantly having to manually adjust tape names so that the shots will conform in the color corrector.

My ideal solution would be to do an AAF publish that generates DPX or EXR but to my knowledge Flame will only do DNx or Prores with AAFs and XMLs. Any way around this? Is it perhaps something I could accomplish with Python?

can you export an AAF by itself using one of the AAF for Baselight settings, then publish the media separately?

Or, do they need to use the shot names to conform? Will source code alone not work?

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Source TC alone works sometimes but often I’m sending over a lot of shots from outside vendors that all have the same hour 0 or hour 1 timecodes so I need some kind of shot name to de-conflict.

Flame needs a simple copy file name to tape name function. If there is one someone point it out. And I don’t mean a Python script. I mean a right click simple functionality.
I publish for Nucoda as well and we require tape name and file name to match for color tracing.