Puppet Tool in Flame - Parallax stills effect

Hey Guys,
Just wondering if in Flame there is a way to move still images of people according to their limbs like the puppet tool in After Effects allows you to.
This is for a job where we create a parallax effect from stills, cutting out the subject and giving subtle movement to the people as if it were a live slow mo shot.
The only way I can think of doing it is by manipulating the Extended Biocubic in Action.
Is there another simpler way? Can I draw a spline on the image and move the image by key framing the spline?
Drew (Flame Op - Melbourne, Australia)

I just had a quick look on a training video to see what puppet tool is. It’s interesting.

The closest thing I can think of would be the distort module which will allow you to draw your own splines and control where your “pins” would be. However you’re limited in layers and all sorts of things.

Bicubic mesh could work. Edit the uv to taste and maybe use the magnet tool on translate only? I keep wondering if you broke up the thing you want to animate into layers would it work? Possibly but you won’t easily be able to rig it all together with paper fasteners or like in Maya.

Thanks John, I’ll see if the Distort module can help me!

This has been a long time wish of mine. I have used both @johnt 's suggestions. It still leaves a lot to be desired.

Although it is a hassle to setup segmenting your image with gmasks and using some sort of quasi skeleton might get you there. I have tried and gloriously failed at creating an IK rig with expressions in Flame. But you can do forward kinematics…

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Comes always in my mind reading about projections, stills and their animation. This is just fantastic.