Questions about /opt/autodesk and reinstall (Mac)

I manually restored the following folders after reformatting the system drive and reinstalling Flame:

This was a mistake and not the correct way to backup and restore these directories as outlined by Autodesk.

Fast forward to today and I want to reinstall the Flame software but be sure the directory /opt/autodesk is clean and the only thing restored are the user profiles.

Is it correct that the uninstall process for flame leaves parts of this /opt/autodesk directory intact?

Would it be viable to uninstall all versions of Flame on the system, then rename /opt/autodesk to /opt/autodesk_old and the complete a fresh install of the software?

I am trying to avoid reformatting the system which is the only other way I know to make sure the install is clean.

  1. Archive
  2. Uninstall all versions of Flame using the uninstaller
  3. mv /opt/Autodesk /opt/ (just in case)
  4. Install Flame
  5. Restore projects if needed

It is normal that paths remain as uninstall just removes certain components, your projects and databases are all intact. If more guidance is needed, please open a support case as a remote session would be safer.

There should be no reason based on your description where an OS reformatting would be recommended.

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Thank you for your detailed explanation.