How to completely remove and clean flame from my system

I have archived all my stuff, uninstalled flame and reinstalled a older version as I need to run a specific flame version for a client.

Now I get errors on launch and thats not a good sign so… how do I completely remove EVERYTHING, all the old projects, flamestore all of it?

is removing

  • /opt/Autodesk/cfg/
  • /opt/Autodesk/clip/
  • /opt/Autodesk/project/
  • /opt/Autodesk/sw/cfg/
  • /opt/Autodesk/sw/swdb/
  • /opt/Autodesk/user/

All I need to do?

or basically just remove /opt/Autodesk ?


A long, long time ago a wise man (@daveoy) once reminded me not to forget about the hidden files.

I also once blew away the entire /opt/Autodesk folder. The funny thing was, after a full Flame uninstall and reinstall with a DKU upgrade in the middle, I was getting licensing errors. I use the Single User sign on, so, I’m like WTF? For some reason I had to download and reinstall the Autodesk Licensing Service, so, if you also use Single User sign on, be on the look out for the similar.

In order to completely remove / wipe / clean / blatt / chuck / uninstall / kill / scrub all Flame framestore/clips/db/projects/ everything…

rm -rfv /mnt/StorageMedia/p7/AutodeskMediaStorage/{,.}
rm -rfv /opt/Autodesk/project/{,.}
rm -rfv /opt/Autodesk/clip/stonefs/{,.}
rm -rfv /opt/Autodesk/sw/swdb/{,.}
rm -rfv /opt/Autodesk/sw/.swdb/{,.}
/opt/Autodesk/io/bin/vic -v stonefs -f
systemctl restart adsk_sw

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to fully express my notes and procedure and commands to remove Autodesk Flame from my computer system machine.

*can ya tell Im making it searchable for myself in 6 months when I need to do it again?