Questions about your Auto Key usage

Can I suggest a subtle clolour change/que to the cursor when Autokey is active. This something that you would not miss when adjusting G-mask shapes or extended bicubics and the like.
I like to work with Autokey off for most of the time but I have experienced that horrific sinking feeling when you realize that all your key-framing for the last hour was not being recorded.

Yeah I’d love to be able to have more options on the Autokey button. There was a trippy one a while ago that I used a lot :+1:

Having the X,Y and Z channels linked by default in the scale parameter would be awesome! Is there already some shortcut / key combo for this? Maybe if you could press L for link and drag a connection from one to the other would be cool? Either directly on the slider values in the axis or in the animation curves.

Right-click it.

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I learn something new every day . . . .

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This shortcut exists for several versions back.

Sounds like a good idea… Will try it.