Quick Eye Match Technique


so good

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Just one of the many gifts @Josh_Laurence has given us. Nicely described, Austin!


Great tip for any flame folk out there


what kind of black magic is this?! i will have to try that out.

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Also, works with an Action but the center lines with the axis. Useful, if the center of the frame is void of info. Plob the axis on the area with detail, line it up, and scale. If done correctly the scaling shouldn’t throw off the lineup. :smiley:


One bonus little viewer thing you can do is turn on the crosshair to help you find the center of the frame a little easier and more precisely.


The amount of times I used to chase my tail trying to match the repo

My preferred method would have been Action and having the center of the axis on a point of interest then lining up before scaling but this looks like it might just supersede my approach :+1:



Woah, I mentioned that method above! I mix and match both. :grin:

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I started doing it that way with the ADO in 1982. But this is pretty cool. I’ll have to try it.


What’s an ADO?? Sorry, had to say it.

Add Dollars On


Preferred KScope. But did have many years with ADO.

I’ve always envisioned a “snap” button to do this automatically for us:


Ampex Digital Optics

It is funny you say that because 16 years ago, Dave Levy at The Mill wrote a tool outside flame to do exactly that.

Press a button, analize the image and make them match. we used on the flim days to make sure the optical center was not altered before tracking and therefore done the offset at the very last minute, making sure our tracking was mathematically correct.

Perhaps something to revisit. :wink:

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ahh - the days of having to book an hour in an online suite just to add a single ADO effect to the corner of a shot!
Felt so blessed the day our company bought the Abekas A53D so i could do my own effects in-house.