Not necessarily a Flame specific question, but more of a facility wide question.
What does everyone else who does episodic and film work use for automatic QT creation, specifically to clients spec and grade.

@ALan uses Nuke. I’ve written Python scripts to export to spec, but adding LUTs is a different matter. How many do you need to apply?

Not for a specific project, but looking for a solution going forward. We have a new editor starting and we’d really like to automate it. Our previous editor used to do it manually through Nuke, but we feel it’s a waste of an editors time.
Our next project, for example, has over 60 shots, so that would be a serious chore by hand.

Im looking into Mistika Workflows

Also have an eye on Telestream products

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you try the pyflame Create export menus, it allows multiple exports from flame and I use it all the time to export DPX and QT at the same time.

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I create Python scripts which are super simple and fire off multiple Flame export presets.

If that doesn’t work sometimes I just do Media Encoder watch folders.

Also you can use the Create Export Menus python script in the Logik Portal.

We need a facility wide solution, not just flame and needs to be able to respond to client specs, including grades.

I have been working quite a lot on episodic projects for the last years and we run our QT deliverys through Nuke using the shotgun tk. We have built a custom Daily tool that automatically loads shot CDLs and show LUTS, reformats it to the different client wishes, adds Slate, Burnins and timecode and you can render those via a render farm. Only drawback, you need a shotgun account for that. The whole tk-nuke write implemantation is found on GitHub

Using this workflow allows also to create a daily tool for your 3D package. So we are also able to export dailies out of Maya using the same settings which gives you the correct previews throughout the project.

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