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Morning everyone
Is it possible in flame, maybe via python, to queue exports? In resolve you’re able to and was just wondering if there’s anyway of doing this in flame?
All the best.

Just like to mention that although background exporting would be a way of doing this, it wouldn’t be possible in my circumstances as it’ll then need a fully rendered timeline and there’s parts of my timelines that I don’t render, mainly colour managements and burn in letterboxes.

Hey Rob,

Yes, you can do this with python. Your python script calls export presets. So if you had to export the same clips as PR444, PRHQ, h264, etc, you can totally do this. I have a script you can modify if you’d like it.

What if you needed to export different sequences as different things though.
For instance a h264 for client, ProRes for delivery and an exr for archival purposes.
If you don’t mind passing on the script that’d be amazing.
I guess it’d be possible for a script to run a second script or even third script which would then get me round the issue of different exports being queued up. But it’d only work on one sequence at a time.
Unless anyone else has any other ideas?

You can totally do that. All you need to do is plug in the export presets that you want to use.

episodic_exports.py (2.6 KB)

Here’s the script. In it, I’ve built in two options: Auto export (to a pre-determined folder) or manual export (dialog box pops up and you select the destination. If you look at lines 19 & 20 you’ll see names and paths for the export presets. As long as you have a preset saved for whatever you want, then that’s what this will call. Then be sure to put the same names in the parenthesis on lines 25 & 26. Then repeat below for the manual version. Put the script in /opt/Autodesk/shared/python, rescan you python hooks and you’re good to go.

If you run into any troubles just let me know and we can hop on a Zoom or jump on Discord.


Thank you for this Andy, I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to help me here.

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My pleasure! Thanks for being a part of the Logik community :slight_smile: