Duplicating Source with connected segments

Hi Hives,

I have multiple timelines built, all with connected conform performed. For the 1st layer of the timeline, I want to have ungraded plates and the second layer with graded plates.

Now I want to duplicate the connected segments and duplicate the source to re-conform to the graded plates and maintain my ungraded plates below. But when I duplicate the source it only does it on the opened timeline and not the remaining timelines in the reels, thus making the connected conform break on the second layer.

Any ideas on how I could go around this? In my mind, this should be an easy few clicks away and not require manual work…


with the “duplicate connected segment” instead of “duplicate source”, you can activate to duplicate the segments to have it done in all timelines. Hope that will help.

Hi thanks for your reply.

But this means the source will still remain the same. I would like to duplicate the connected segments but also perform a duplicate source on all timelines.

Yes, they share the same source as long as you don’t relink them to another.
But, as they are connected shots, the source will get updated as soon as you relink one.

So when you have the duplicated connected segment in one timeline and you duplicate the source on the upper one, only this timeline will have them duplicated. But now unlinking this new source and reconforming it with the graded material (or relinking it directly after the duplicated segment step), the shared source will get updated on all timelines for it.

Just to add one other option vs relinking, you can also use smart replace (ctrl+shift+r) on connected segments. It is one by one, but can be very useful if you only need to do a few clips and can be quite fast to do manually if you have named shots/plates.

In this example, after duplicating you would smart replace the duplicated connected segments and your original connected segments would remain untouched.

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Duplicate the connected segments and then lock the layer below on all the timelines. Update the new layer with your grade. This will break the connection between the ungraded/graded layers but then keep/create a new one for your graded comps.

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Yes this is exactly what I want it to do! Thanks for the tip Kyle!

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