Can you create a connection from a batch group to a timeline segment after the fact?

“A Batch Group can now be created without a corresponding destination segment being added to the
current clip. Would you like to set this as the default behaviour? That behaviour can be changed later in
Preferences > Batch / BFX > Create Batch Group.”

Can you create a connection from a batch group to a timeline segment after the fact, if it wasn’t created from the start? Thanks!

Not sure if there’s a better way but here’s a hack I use…

  • Throw something in the timeline like a virtual color or a previous render from your batch. Name that timeline slug with the name / shot name you need. Right click that and “Create Batch Group” and then copy / paste your existing batch to that new one, using the new render node created there. That should smart replace the timeline slug next time you render.
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@LucJob It is possible but you need to define a Shot Name in the Batch Render node first.

  1. Define a Shot Name in your Timeline Segment part of the current Reel Group’s Sequence Reel
  2. Select a Render node in Batch
  3. Set a Shot name in the Render node
  4. Render
    —>A new clip is created
  5. Open the contextual menu for the newly created clip
    —> A Smart Shot Replace option is available toward the bottom.

That option is not available if the clip was rendered without a shot name being defined.


I forgot to mention something… for this workflow to work you need a Shots Track in the destination sequence.

  1. Create a new Version in the Sequence (Version+)
  2. Open the contextual menu for your new track and select Tag as Shots Track
  3. Move (or copy) the destination segment to the Shots Track.


I had no idea you could do this after the fact. This is brilliant! Thanks @fredwarren


This is a great way of versioning up flame comps in timelines after the fact without setting up a complex workflow. Smart replace is the bomb and is far quicker than .clip or pattern browsing workflows for loc flame only comp clips.


hey @fredwarren this is pretty awesome. can the shots track be a timeline track in a connected conform sequence? or does it need to be it’s own version track separate from everything else in the timeline? i have a bunch of spots i’ve conformed with connected conform and was thinking of shoehorning this trick into it, but don’t want to wreck my connected segments…

It is not possible. The Shots Track must be on a separate version.

got it. thx @fredwarren !

Nice! I tried this before, and couldn’t get it to work. Now I know why. I had to tag a track and set it to 'Shots Track;. that’s it!. Awesome🥳

Hey Fred!

I use a Shots Track in the middle of timelines and it works with Connected Conform. It doesn’t have to be a separate version. Unless I misunderstand something about Tim’s question.

I have Smart Replace shots that get replaced in multiple timelines when the segment has a segment connection.

oh how very interesting…

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