BVM X310 vs PWM X3200

Hi everyone. im thinking of trading in my Sony BVM HX310 - it’s very heavy and bulky and has a loud fan! great monitor though - just seems overkill for straight VFX work. so ive heard good things about the Sony PVM X3200. its half the weight and a lot less noisy. same colorimetry. any one seen the two together or have experience of the 3200?

My best advice is to quit lifting your monitor so often. :slight_smile:


good advice. but I want to be more portable! the PVM X3200 is sort of meant for DITs and production VFX! so its much lighter

Not an answer to your question but we just bought the new Flanders for a color installation… I definitely think it’s worth some consideration.

For the Flames we’re using the PVM-X2400. They’ve got a nifty little handle and they’re super easy to take on set or on-location for sessions or whatever.

I honestly think that for what we do it’s borderline overkill as well, but it’s a great monitor.


great thanks. so the PVM X3200 should be perfectly fine then I reckon

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I have to read up on it if its the same as the PVM X2400 you dont want it. kinda reads like it is.

its the worst POS garbage monitor , had rhe x2400 for testing hdr workflows and we all just had big questionmarks in our heads about awhat this thing is supposed to be.

basically because its just a single layer LCD wirh no local dimming you can either see the highlights OR shadows in HDR, because its only 1:1000 contrast. like the high brightness on-set monitors

the x2400 was also aggressively loud (i mean you are used to the hx310 so…)

+1 on the flanders we ordered one as well. it fills the gap perfectly. its “the monitor to have” in 2024, made massive waves, its QD-Oled, 1000NITs peak, quiet and light .

actual built in calibration unlinke the hx310.

If I had a hx310 I would trade it for the flanders hands doen

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Interesting. yes I might go for the Ned Flanders one. I was looking into it!

i asked a sony rep who they where made for and it was bascially EB trucks and stuff.

They arent anything special.

Is Sony not doing oled’s anymore ?

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a little history on sony oleds:

we all remeber and maybe still use the whole PVM/BVM 25" OLEDs those where the same panels that flanders used in the dm250, i could be wrong but i think it was made by panasonic?

Then there was the X300 , sonys first HDR OLED, i havent seen this anywhere but in the sony , ao i think its a custom sony oled.

Then there where some pvm grade oleds that used LG RGBW OlED panels 55" and 65" iirc.

after the X300 they replaced it with a dual-layer lcd made by panasonic and named it HX310, also most other display manufacturers like eizo color prominence hdr things use this panel usually they have a 310 or something in the name, but its bascially the only 32" class dual-layer display thay exists

All PVM shifted to single Layer LCD meanwhile. and BVM is duallayer.

Last year at NAB sony announced the HX3110 which is using their own developed dual-layer LCD.

So no even remotely-current gen sony professional display is OLED. and it hasnt been oled for a loooong while. people just all still use PVM/BVM oleds because we all have been waiting for attainable HDR monitoring ( hx 310 is like $30K) with the flanders xmp310 beign the holy grail at $10K , uses QD-Oled panel tech made by samsung.

I have a 55" QD- oled and its definetely the better tech, only advantage with the hx310 duallauer lcds is full-screen 1000NIT (or now 4000NIT) on the HX3110…

I’ve heard/read the odd rumour about Samsung working on a pro Micro LED display/panel for the past couple of years. Yet to read or hear anything official though and currently they are just too big. Though, micro LED might replace projectors in cinemas in the not too distant future.

I’ve been wondering if there was truth to the pro panel rumour then maybe someone like Sony has been holding off spending lots of money on a new pro OLED display due to the costs involved. Then again, it could just be Sony being Sony.

Did all my research and the Flanders XMP310 is the one. Ordered one up comes in 4 weeks! Old Sony HX 310 is on Ebay.


Well done man.

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NAB is around the corner. Maybe you could get a show discount.

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awesome! mine actuallt arrives today :rocket::rocket:

excellent. let us all know how it goes!

what about this ?

thats last-gen cool.

I have this as LG version, you really want a QD oled now as its the same price

which gui/ref all in one oled would you recommend?, …would like to save desk space too by having just one monitor…

to replace an eizo and a250


i wouldnt, i would run a single 32" and a second 32" reference monitor