Rec.2100 PQ graphic delivery

Hi Gang,

Anyone delivered a job in Rec.2100 PQ? any thing to look out for?

seem to have it down working ACES and getting it from grade and out in Rec.2100 P correctly. Got some graphics to add over the top and also some legals probably…

Any tips would be useful


you need to set the graphics to a certain NIT level basically. Aome say 100 some say 200, if you dot have specs try around and watch it on a PQ reference display.

Is grading allready delivering bt.2100 files? be sure to check source against whst you output in that case, if you ingest as 2100 and then transform to aces and then back out 2100 you could have a slight shift just make sure, I am not sure if the same issue with rec709 desaturation of Yellows when you do this is the same with 2100 , I always receive acesCCT from grading and then ad the 2100 aces ODT myself, also auto converting graphics to cct.

Another issue can be writing out prores422 etc might give you slightly different MacFALL and MaxCLL values

but @AdamArcher is probably the most knowledgeable hdr person :smiley:

Thanks Finn for your kind words.

Yes, I’m delivering HDR all the time. 100% happy to answer any questions you may have. To avoid writing a lengthy essay or How To guide, is there anything you would like to know in particular? Could be a cart before the horse scenario though where you don’t know what questions to ask.

Do you have HDR monitoring for starters?

Do you also have to produce SDR masters or screening/approval copies? If so, Dolby Vision is your friend, even if you don’t have a license.

Here is a webinar I did with Autodesk & Dolby on HDR & Dolby Vision which may or may not be useful. At least it would give you an idea of some questions to ask perhaps, even if you don’t plan to use Dolby Vision in your workflow:

The Colour Management node is your friend, especially when it comes to creating graphics/titles. You can build your titles as per normal then input transfer them from Rec709/sRGB to BT2020PQ (and then lift them to whatever brightness the spec dictates). As Finn says, I wouldn’t go higher than 200 nits for what you want as “white”.

Feel free to PM me if you need to.


I’ve done deliveries with white text higher then 200nits, if it’s just against black then I tend to keep the white between 100-200 nits but if it’s on top of picture then you have to make it work with where the grade is sitting otherwise what looks white on black could potentially look very grey on top of picture.


Do we have a LOGIK live about working and delivering HDR?

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@AdamArcher you up for it ? :smiley: