P3D65/Rec2020 for HDR

I am going to go mental with this.

So bascially as monitors cant do Rec2020 Netflix says we should calibrate to P3D65.
Dolby Says we can either do Rec2020(P3Limited) OR P3D65
Amazon wants only Rec2020(P3Limited)

Frame.IO says they accept both, but they from my testing seem to change metadata to P3D65 regardless of what your files are tagged as (I flagged it with frameIO as a bug…)

Then the question of which YcBcR matrix to use for P3D65 ProRes renders, flame auto encode writes “Rec709”, frameIO says that for P3 that is what I need to set it to, there is no P3 option, I guess Rec709 is closer to P3 than 2020?

Then the best part: shiny new macBook Pro M1 max Pro extreme , with XDR screens have a P3D65 reference mode , cool… but I found that in reference mode all “HDR10” files are beign interpreted as Rec2020 they just ignore the P3D65 metadata compeltely.

even on a external HDR monitor that doesnt have reference mode when used with a Macbook M1max , on a mac pro without XDR monitor but external HDR monitor via usb-c that is not happening … so crazy inconsistent.

ugh. How do you make dailies for this stuff? like just WIP renders? you cant… nice!

(all the P3D65/Rec2020 go with PQ/St-2084 of course, i left it out of the text so it doesnt look crazy)

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