Recent Pref changes?

There seems to be a couple of recent changes to the Preferences that are really annoying me, as i don’t know which to change back!

1: In BFX, my timeline (when set to frames) started at 1 and ended wherever. Very useful for knowing how long a shot was. Now when i switch to Frames, it shows the frame relating to the shots in point on the rushes. How do i get my BFX to start at 1 again?

2: When starting Flame its back to asking for Free Run or Genlock signals. I know i switched this off in the past and thought it was something to do with broadcast timing option in the Broadcast Monitor Prefs - but now those settings don’t seem affect this. Can i tell Flame to always start up as Free Run? On a standalone system there is zero need for a genlock anyway. I do have one running, but Flame never ever sees it immediately and always wants prompting. Its a pain!


Can’t help ya with #1, but the fix for #2 is located in the Flame setup Window, under the preview tab where you are selecting your broadcast resolutions. Change the sync source to freesync, as per below.

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thank you. I had totally forgotten that!

i was assured that option was a set it once and it will always remain - seems that was incorrect.

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For #1, you can turn off “Use Media Start Frame” in the Preferences Panel > Batch / BFX tab > Batch FX section.

thanks Philippe - I tried that - made no difference…unless it only works if you set that option before creating the Bfx?

I have several timeline bfx in this project, and they are all referencing the Media Start Frame even though i have switched that option off.

The option is only used when creating the bfx.

ok thanks.

wish i had known that before starting!

would be better if a new preference was not switched on by default if it changes an existing workflow.