Timebar change - feature or bug

can someone explain how i can create a new timeline Bfx that has the start frame at 1? It used to always happen that way, but since the option to change start frames was added, i have been unable to get a start frame of 1.

My Preferences are set to use Start Frame 1 - but all i ever seem to get is the frame number of the underlying shots timeline position. I don’rt want to know that number…i just want to have a timebar show frames from 1 to whatever. 418 to 77 as in the example attached makes it a lot more complicated to try think about animating over time.

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Preferences Menu > “Batch / BFX” tab > “Batch FX” section > “Use Media Start Frame” toggle

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that makes zero difference if if its switched on or off…at least thats the case on my mac

It is only used at creation.

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seems like a step backwards.

It used to work perfectly until this new feaure was added.

I’m guessing this came with the metadata feature?

I believe it was added in conjuction with the Start Frame setting getting buried in a layer of toggle. People were complaining that it was too easy to accidentally change it.

And now its impossible to set right!

Its set right when you create a new bfx. The pref doesnt apply to bfx’s already created