Reconforming shots in flame and retaining shot numbers

im sure this has come up before - flame 2021.1

im trying to reconform a 30 sec cut from my material ( named and shot renamed ) - and although it works - it blows away the shot number.

i have all my named shots, matched out to a reel then i set that as conform search location.

any tips?

I sometimes steal the shot name and rename the clip. Then when I have finished the conform I steal the clip name and use it for the shot name.

Conform: Keep Shot Names

Have a read of this. Many opinion and suggestions on this topic :+1:


ta very much !

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as an aside to this - something very basic is alluding me

connected shot - matched out to desk - no longer any connection on clip…

its annoying the hell out of me - anyone?

nevermind - i was matching them to a batch reel rather than a desktop reel…