Renaming footage within Flame


would like to rename footage (about 100 shots, non cached) mainly because the filenames are much too long.

Can this be done directly in Flame or should I do it in macOS Finder and reconform, or even re-import the renamed footage since the project in in early state?

Thank you!

I am still on Flame 2021.1

The name of the footage contains also a string with the original resolution and when I resize the footage, seeing this “wrong” resolution somewhere in Flame, does confuse me.

So if your clips have similar names and there’s a section of the name you want to remove on all clips, I would put all your clips into a sequence on the desktop. Open the sequence and navigate to the conform tab. Select all clips, remove what you don’t want in the name and then it will update all the clips.
Back on the desktop right click the sequence and select Cut - At Each Splices. Then all the clips will break out from the sequence and they’ll have the new names. Then you can drop those clips into a folder in a library.

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Renaming using the conform tab is an excellent suggestion.

There is also a Python script that might help you.


Version = v2.0

Use this to add and/or remove a prefix and or suffix. It’s a very quick way to add _Generic or _v01 to the end of a name or remove the Exported that gets added to an AAF


Use the Logik portal to download.

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Amazing like this does work:) I would never have been able to find out how this challenge could be solved! Thank you Glennteel!

One question remains:
This procedure is not intended to rename the footage stored on my external storage?

@joe99 no problem at all! Glad I could help.

Correct, this technique renames clips in Flame only. It preserves the original filenames on your external storage. If you want to rename those on your drive you’ll have to use an OS utility.

I don’t believe Flame can do that.

And be careful that if you change the names at the OS level you will break the links.