Recovered Media project usage?

Hello Logik friends!

We are curious to know if you guys use the Recovered Media project, which is automatically created when Flame detects non-referenced cached media (this could happen if the application crashed after content has been rendered but before the metadata has been saved.)

We feel this is no more used and we would like to get rid of this in a future version but we want to validate with you first.


No, not used. In fact, we’re constantly having to delete it as it starts to take up a decent amount of space. Whenever I’ve had a look into anything in that project it’s worthless anyways. Jumbled clips, etc.

So yes, please…send it to pasture!

Thanks Kyle for the quick answer!

Yes, what you have described is what we are looking at doing. But looooong time ago, this concept (Lost+Found) was useful to recover content that could not be regenerated like Desktop Paint. But I feel your comment will probably be the same for the vast majority of users.

Let see comments from others.

Ditto. Never use it and it’s the first thing to be deleted when we’re housekeeping.
We work on the assumption that unsaved work is not retrievable after a crash. And never use Desktop Paint either!

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Never use… always deleting.

Same here, always delete it.

4 out of 4 so if we get to 10 I guess we have a winner :wink:

Never use it. It gets deleted by us and is generally considered a nuisance.

Never. Annoying AF. Please remove this concept.

If you updated S+W to a modern sharded DB, would you be able to have realtime commits? therefore eliminating the original scenario? Monolithic DB is just ancient.

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Never use, it’s annoying

It’s useful if I want to take a short trip down memory lane. Other than that, I’m happy to see it go.

Same here. Please get rid of it.

+1 for removing the feature. Well-intentioned, but not valuable.

Never used. Agree with everyone here. Not necessary.

11/11 !

Thanks all for the feedback! We will move this capability to the museum with Irix 6.5, DVE, Timesmear and LogicOps :wink:


Excited Season 4 GIF by The Office



…Timesmear? Now hold up…

I liked the dve . . .

I think he means timeslice