Redundant nodes

having just watched Logik Live #111, I was intrigued by Freds comments re removing nodes, it got me thinking.
What would be your top three nodes to remove?
Mine are:
Posterise, only ever used back in the 90’s in demos
filter, mostly replaced by matchboxes
auto matte, never used.

As an aside, I still use optics!

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We use.

I’m intrigued Alan, what for?

making mattes binary.

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Interesting, I always use 2D Histo for that.

I still use Optics. You can get good looks quickly.

Filter is definitely one that can go. This can be done 1000% better with matchbox.

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Nodes Lives Matter

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As long as they can replicate the functionality with a matchbox, get rid of all legacy nodes and clean up the clutter.


Can we finally get rid of the legacy Gmask node so I can finally not select it accidently (all the f’ing time!)?

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That’s not an issue with the matchbox-encoded matchboxes, just with the unencoded GLSL shaders. Something to do with embedded textures if I remember correctly.

Ivar addressed the issue with Crok Renoise which is why it’s one of the few non-open matchboxes.

It’s not a horrible idea to further matchboxify flame due their “living inside the setup” allowing for fewer backward compatibility issues.

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Optics is ace.

I use separate for mattes.

It makes no sense to demand that some nodes be eliminated based on personal tastes. It is simply something that logically they will never consider.

It would be more constructive to think of some kind of destination for all these nodes. Nuke does quite well. They have a submenu where all those nodes are stored. This allows to open old scripts, keep the main node group clean, and everyone can use it or not according to their preferences. This was already discussed in that thread about changing the mux node. Because this can also be used to upgrade some node to an improved version. For example, nuke upgraded its lens distort node, but always kept the old one.

Wouldn’t it be a better idea to propose something like a ¨legacy bin" ?


I don’t think we should get rid of any either.

I was just looking forward to people coming up with obscure nodes that they see no point to and then someone explaining how they find it invaluable

Surely every node has its uses. Just like every character on the keyboard = every node


How about allowing users to “hide” the nodes that they don’t want to see? The nodes and the functionality will be there. If you don’t want to see the clutter in the bin you just hide them.


That is a great idea @Sinan I had a cull of the matchboxes recently. Got rid of all the LOGIK invites.

I am using the bins less and less now that the search feature arrived. You can hide gmask from in there @MLandon :grin:


Yes! Search! And the fact that it is sort of intelligent and brings up your most preferred items while you enter the text is just great.

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No - I like it in here!

I still use it, its a lot quicker than the tracer for doing quick masks.

Please do not! The legacy gmask is still my quick go to for many things.

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