Reemo - Remote Desktop

Just wondering if anyone has tried or knows much about Reemo?

It is a remote desktop solution that claims 4K @ 60fps and has tablet support. It is browser based which is interesting. That potentially could make things easier for a remote artist but you’d want to test setup.

It does utilise HEVC for video streaming so I would assume it is GPU encoded for speed & quality.

I HATE when companies are not upfront about pricing. Almost always a big nope right away. But the specs do look good.

I know right?!! If the price is going to turn you off then it won’t matter when you see them. Nothing more annoying then spending time researching and testing a product only to get the pricepoint and it is significantly more expensive than the other options.

I tested this briefly. Summary, definitely warrants further investigation. Here are my quick findings.
Linux Host 2x monitor → Mac client 1x monitor .

  • With Personal plan, 4:4:4 only when using H.264. 4:2:0 with H.265.
  • I couldn’t get client side resolution matching working, but that was on a dual screen host.
  • FPS/interactivity feels good.
  • Image quality is OK, not great. Max bandwidth is currently 40mbs. For high resolution monitors that probably needs to be double. This does not seem to get any higher with Studio or Premium plans. Might be able to work something out with developer.

I did not test the Organization/Studio/Premium features. Look like you get HEVC 4:4:4 there which might alleviate the bandwidth issue.

Did not test Wacom, Audio, or collaboration.

This is promising.

anyone knows if 4:4:4 works from a macOS host?

I got a quote and it’s not particularly cheap, especially once you add any admin features.

Parsec and HP Anywhere are definitely more cost effective solutions. Shame there’s no Linux server version of Parsec

that a tough sell

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