Reg Ex for Input rules and underscore


I’m trying to define several input rules for my most used workflows. I’d like use underscore in naming convention. And for instance, to use “aces_cg”.

I’m trying several diferent rules but none of them work. Even I asked to chatgpt for an specifical form to do this using unix “global” convention for regular expressions.

Chatgpt (and my common sense) says me it should be:


But nor this nor any other variation work.

The strangest thing of all is that after trying different names and color spaces for testing (including log C3 and log C4 names and color spaces) now, if I use “from File or Rules,” it’s tagging everything as “alexa log C3.” , …even deleting all input rules !

Do I need some sort of refresh for this? I’ve also tried restarting Flame.

Do you have another more generic rule higher in the list which is maybe matching your particular filenames first? I just made a rule like yours, renamed a PNG to put “aces_cg” in the name, and it seems to be working OK for me.


No. I deleted the rest of rules.

Does flame read some metadata from files? I´m using several kind of files to test… exr, mov from alexa, 3D renders in srgb linear…

Furthermore, I am not using the name convention in the file names. It’s something impossible to implement to me. According to the flame’s documentation, input rules worksif it finds names in the path files. So, I’m testing if I can include a folder, for example, /path1/path2/aces_cg/aces cg files.

It should match on directory names also.

But yes, if the files themselves have metadata that define what they are, that is used. If you want to ‘hotwire’ clips you’ll have to turn off rules in the Mediahub select the profile manually.

Hello kily!

You should try your Input Rule with media files that do not have colour space metadata since we use the CS data of the files and bypass the rule. We do not have a way to set the Rule to ignore the file CS.