Rendering Interlaced

Well here in Greece we are still delivering interlaced master copies for broadcast media and recently I’ve bumped into something new.
I usually commit my timeline to a progressive clip, drag it into a F1 timeline and render it out with the crawling legal. The bump I fell into was that, although the clip is progressive, the interlaced render creates a shift on the back clip like a burned fields clip. I have to mention that only the segment with the F1 animated legal has this issue. The rest of the timeline is as it should be. I am on Flame 2023.3 and I’ve never seen that before.
The solution I’ve found is by adding a resize node inside BFX set to Progressive after the back clip, which goes as BG on the Action Node that renders with F1 the crawling legal.
Anyone else has this issue?

I have not dealt with interlaced for a long time (accept to get rid of it), and I’m having a hard time picturing your problem, but one thing I found that fixed a lot of issues was to move my image up or down 1 pixel (which is one scan line) This would change the order in which scan lines are read. It may or may not solve your issue, but it’s a really simple trick to try.

Have you checked premultiply on selected segment Alex?

In the UK we also still export Interlaced for broadcast, but i work solely with progressive timelines and only switch the output to Interlaced at the Media Export stage - by picking the correct resolution and switching Scan Mode from Progressive to Field 1.

I don’t think we have ever had an issue when sending out via that method. Certainly never failed a QC like that.

No, premultiply is not the issue, because it shifts the back clip

Thanks, but the resize node set to Progressive, did the trick

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