Replace a node in Action

Do we have an option to replace a node in Action just like we can replace a node in a Batch schematic with the Crtl+Shift+hover shortcut? If we don’t, shouldn’t we?

Which node would you replace with which one? Maybe axis could be replaced but in the hierarchial sense does it work? Batch is a pipeline whereas action is more like a dependency graph.


Not quite as speedy or elegant but I will generally just copy/paste the nodes I like into my action and then mimic link them to the replacee before trashing my pasted version.


I have a bunch of imported WIP 3D models and have to replace them as they evolve day by day while maintaining material, shader and light connections. Having a similar option for replacing nodes we have in Batch would be pleasing.

Understood. Makes sense.

I seem to remember there is an option in action when importing models, like soft importing media rather than caching. Maybe you could you update the files in the same location and they would update in action?


Indeed! It appears that if you switch your Import Type to “Read File” instead of “Action Objects” it will do a sort of soft import.

Good to know! Thanks @Sinan

It loads it as a group, so you have to attach your own axis to it in order to move it around (or go into the group, I guess, but that seems messy), but you can do all kinds of fun stuff like refresh, or change the path completely.


I asked the 3D artist to export the models as Alembic files instead of OBJs (no read file option for .obj files), and replacing them is much easier now, so I want to thank you for the tip, Sinan.

However, I experienced a bit slower rendering time with the ‘soft imported’ geometries. Alembic files are on a NAS with a 10 GB connection, so it can’t cause any issues. I’m just curious if anybody has experiences with the same geometries imported vs. linked inside Action?

same. And when I want to try something different, but not lose my original, I copy the node and let it sit unattached. If I find I want to return, I mimic link it back then trash it.