Kodachrome look

Anyone have favorite go to tools for getting a quick Kodachrome look? I have all the matchboxes & Sapphire OFX. Client references:

Did Ivar make a matchbox for this?

Nope. That was Instagram.

One thing I was thinking was using Furnace match grade IF you have it.

I`d look at FilmConvert OFX or Dehancer, but they are supported on Resolve only. Could work in Flame on Mac, or you can export a lut from it for use in Flame on linux.

I remember an extremely old setup that sort of replicated the Technicolor look. I have it somewhere on the server but I’m 4000 km away from it.

These might help to start you off


I shall wait for you to urgently run 4K miles back to the office. Thanks for the hustle.

Actually it’s only 1.6k miles - so it’s like a head start now.

Im pretty certain there is s film look matchbox that Ivar made and it has kodak/ technicolor looks on there.

crok_filmlook i believe


Try these. The 2383 in particular. They expect rec709 sources.
film_look_cubes.zip (1.1 MB)


Some LUTs:


Thank you all - will check them out.

To update, I tried a bunch of the luts, which are nice, but ended up just building it from scratch with s_filmlook and a bunch of my own cc’s.


s_filmlook is under rated.

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It is fantastic.
Thanks @Brian.fox

Excellent! I too am a fan of S_FilmEffect. Happy it worked!

Well, I’m back and uploaded the setup to Logik Portal as Technicolor_2023. I don’t take credit for creating it, just for uploading it.

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Sorry for being a thicky: where is the portal?