Resolve BLG clone

This is HUGE:::

this means we can apply resolve grades as a OFX , it has to be seen how we can link clips to drx files and how it handles timecode and such smthings, as we need to conform drx to clips somehow.

But this is a great first step in getting rid of comp after ograde!!!

The new Open FX plugin DaVinci Resolve Renderer allows third-party applications to open and
apply DaVinci Resolve’s color changes using exported DRX stills. This can be useful when round
tripping with various VFX authoring applications where you may want to maintain a look created
in DaVinci Resolve.
Exporting a DRX still contains much more information about the grade than a simple LUT. DRX
files can include data, like all the native color and sizing palettes, and other items you stored in
a Gallery still. This ensures that the grade the colorist created can be exactly replicated in the
VFX software.


Where are you seeing this announcement?

You’all celebrate the fast track to a one company mining town future…

No ding on the achievement of the one app that does it all. But beware of what it does to the ecosystem.

i mean it does work and its pretty fast.

so far you can only give it the path to a DRX file and thats it.

tracked/animated masks are aligned to the first frame, so timeline IN in resolve and flame have to match

  • better workflow would be a sources-sequence thats graded and then we apply the DRX/OFX in batch for each comp, or apply in sources sequence and hardcommit? this is a fun one as it has no relationship to the source TC (idk if OFX can) .

Can you change OFX parameters using python?

Did you manually have to type that path in? Really should be a file browser.

yea its the only thing they have, no other controlls - you have to type stuff in,

its very beta :slight_smile: at least it works fine actually

and one update: the DRX are starting at the first frame of the media so source-In .

so source in in resolve has to be the same as in flame, on the flame timeline however this also means that the segment has to start at media start for this to work…

so pull first, then grade published sources sequence, then send back to flame, find some way to auto-link DRX to clips in batch and bobs your uncle.

This would be AMAZING for me!

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when you install resolve beta go into the customize options in the installer, check ofx renderer and BOOM, you need resolve studio license and then thats about it. (44.7 KB)

random stupid grade with a moving matte to show it works in principle.

Wait…you mean I have to have Resolve installed on my Linux machine? I own a full license, but have only ever installed it on my Mac.

it works fine on autodesk-rocky.

In Nuke there is a file browser button available in the Path field. So maybe the Flame OFX implementation is missing that function.

Installed and licensed.

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Awesome. Very exciting!!

wow… does it support animated gradings? ¿masks?


read my posts, they are aligned to source IN on the flame timeline so you have to be careful

There seem some quirks with this.

I setup a test case in R19 with the same clip duplicated, and a grade that consisted of a window that had some frame-level (not clip level) keyframes, a color warper and second node of a key.

It was new to me that .drx stills can include matte animations based on past experience.

So first tested a baseline, and copied the grade from the gallery in R19 to a copy of the clip (separate filename). As I expected it did not work. They keyframes of the window did not travel.

But when I tried that same .drx in Flame they keyframes did travel indeed.

So it seems the .drx handling of R19 has changed relative to prior versions and has some temporal / animation elements that didn’t used to be part of it. Early beta, so some inconsistencies expected, but they clearly hacked up the old .drx logic to make this work.

They have some cool tools in Fusion too. Being able to import VDBs is very cool as well as USD support.

Can’t hide the fact that doing simple things in Fusion can be so difficult compared to Flame and/or Nuke.

The fact that they are celebrating some simple colour management and being able to have multiple roto shapes within the one tool says a lot.


you can right click the gallery bin in resolve and change how and if keyframes from drx get applied to a clip, you can align to source TC or whatever else.

this has been in resolve for as long as I remeber :stuck_out_tongue:

Like BLGs for Baselight?