Resolve Workflow Scripts

One of my artists and I had to get through 180 shots in a few days last week, and for some reason it was conformed in Resolve, so we decided to use the @davejahns Resovle/Flame workflow. To save time I wrote a couple of scripts. The first renames the shot in the mediahub based on the shot name found in the path. So instead of being “A001C005_whatever” it becomes “abc_010.”

The other script finds the Fusion folder, renames and exports the render to the right path. There’s more info in the description of each script, but since you have to customize 2 or 3 paths in the script, I’m only posting this here.

Extract below to /opt/Autodesk/shared/python/resolve_workflow: (10.3 KB)


Awesome!!! I have a feature project coming up I’ll use Resolve for grade/conform/output - will definitely check this out. Thanks so much!!!

Cool, at least one person will use these!
DM me if you need any help with these scripts.