The ultimate Resolve source-sequence hack

Ok lets say you are in a situation where you dont have flame, I know - VERY sad!

lets say you have 200 edit versions that have all been graded using remote grades - cool.

now you want to export this whole mess to flame(or anywhere else) you are left with 3 options:

Nr 1: The Stupid way: export every single timeline as individual clips, DPX or prores or whatever, make sure when doing .mov stuff that you dont overwrite the files by themselves → conform will be a nightmare as you have every segment like 200 times , nice…

Nr2: The Overkill way: render all timelines as individual clips but as a DPX sequence into the same folder with source tc as filename, boom instant sources sequence even across split segments and such, NICE , downside… you cant re-conform this into premiere (sometimes you just have to…) and the folder looks like complete trash … and its dpx so its gigantic.

Nr3: the LifeHack! Use resolve media management to copy and trim all timelines (with handles if you want) into a single folder , pull them into resolve, throw them all on a timeline, remove the collected media from resolve, relink the new timeline to the actual rushes —> BOOM you have a grade-All- sources sequence timeline, aint that AMAZING??

Had to write this down as it safes me so much time, I usually yolo it and go DPX but having 200 edits in resolve allready is a complete clusterf*** jsut the rendertimes alone, final prores files that I exported are like 10GB …

PRO TIP: premiere editors LOVE forgetting random media somewhere barried DEEEP into the timeline, stuff thats not in the edit they just park there … so make sure you clean up before you do this … (literally invisible stuff to resolve i fixed by just deleteing EVERYTHING after my last frame … )


So the media manage files are just temporary intermediary?

Hacking resolve to give you a source sequence edit :+1:

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yea you just delete those…

its pretty dumb that resolve doesnt have that option just build in its infuriating .