Restore Complete Flame projects and framestore from backup

Hi all,

today my Macstudio M2 died. Long story short, it’s stuck in the recovery mode. Apple are going to replace the machine as it’s only a couple of months old.

So yes I have a complete snapshot of my Macintosh HD where my framestore also lives.

So, I want to copy the flame related stuff over to my backup system (MacStudio M1). Can I just copy the /opt/Autodesk folder and framestore folders keeping the exact paths as it was on the M2 mac?

Should I change the M1 machine’s ip to what the M2 had?

Any advice appreciated.

Many thanks

Ouch :frowning:

Did you figure if this was a random hardware error that caused things to go side-way or caused by a software flaw (I saw your other forum post describing of when it happened). Seems difficult to imagine that an app could be so destructive on the machine, but then stranger things happened…

John, please open a support ticket so our agents can help you moving your data to your new mac.

dedicated S+W Project Server for the win here again guys. Doesn’t matter if you have 1 machine or 20, you will benefit from this workflow.


Just to update everyone here,

I took a backup of the /opt/Autodesk folder and put it on my backup machine in the same place. When I launched flame I got permission errors which I resolved by propergating RW to everything down from the Autodesk folder. Wiretap is not responding though but all I want is to archive off some timelines.

I wish timeslines were saved like batch setups. You could then fish them out of a project like you can with batch iterations.

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