Pointing a fresh Flame2024 install to existing Flamestore


will soon install a new macOS and Flame 2024. My idea is to:

  • wipe the SSD of the Mac
  • fresh install of the latest supported macOS
  • install Flame 2024
  • point Flame to the external Flamestore (SSD) containing the projects created under Flame 2021.2 like the following:

→ Finder → Applications → Autodesk → Flame 2021.2 Update → Utilities
→ Flame Setup → Media Storage → Add → Select (bue button)
→ select the location/device = Flamestore → open → ok

Is this approach ok, or did i miss something important?

Thank you!

Since there are no important projects/data on this Mac/Flamestore, it’s unlikely that I will archive the projects and backup /opt/Autodesk, also due to missing storage space…

The FRAMESTORE (not the “Flamestore”) literally just stores RGB frame data. The actual metadata about what clip lives where on said framestore is all in /opt/Autodesk/clip. If you wipe the drive on the Mac where Flame is installed, you are going to wipe all that out. You will still have a bunch of now-useless RGB data on your framestore.

I have seen crazy stuff done with rsync to toss around the stuff in /opt/Autodesk/clip, but at your level of experience I would strongly recommend archiving any jobs you want to keep before upgrading.


Archive the framestore and delete all the projects. Restore the archives after the installation. I would be surprised if the new install even recognized anything on the framestore as anything other than a collection of random dpx files. It is also my experience that nothing is so unimportant that it should be archived. You never know what you may want later. It’s a good work habit to always back up everything.

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Can’t figure out what happend without your advices… Thank you to all for your help!

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