Weird Linux playback problem on some clips

G’day guys, I’m having an issue with my Linux box - every now and then sequences play back 3 times faster than normal (and the play line thingy flashes from green to blue) and once they start doing that, nothing can change it back to normal. If I play the offline ref, it plays as normal. Go back to the sequence, 3x faster. I believe my project is using the 1080 50i config (not 50i free) and computer performance seems fine otherwise. RAM preview shows the same result.

Comp is LINUX, 128gb ram, Quaddro K4000 gpu running Flame 2021 update. I think. (it’s rented and my client is having the problem, but I’ve seen this before and forgot to do anything about it last time)

Any ideas?

Also another problem I have while I’ve got the talking stick - sometimes is that it gets sticky, and doesn’t unstick until you press any keyboard key. (that is, move something gesturally, display only updates when you press any keyboard key)

All very frustrating. Wish I stuck with a mac. :weary:

Does your clip with playback issues have an audio track? If not add a wav/aiff that has been cached. If it has the audio track from an mp4 remove it and add a wav/aiff.

Weird thing I have experienced is if my clip doesn’t have audio the BMD output is choppy while UI monitor is normal. Maybe this is something similar.

Thanks, yeah. I posted this on the Facebook Logik group as well (I needed a quick fix!) and putting in an empty audio track indeed fixes it. :roll_eyes:

Not sure about the sticky gesture keys thing though.