Rocky Linux 8.5 and Wacom intuos 5 Touch

So just going through leaving Centos 7.6 and moving to RL 8.5.
But having a couple of issues.

  1. the Wacom touch seem to be “on” all the time, its set to off in the xorg, but i did notice when i enter xsetwacom --list devices touch is not in the list but still works…

  2. the “windows key” doesn’t act as a “right click” I’m sure this one it super simple… also must admit i didn’t do the googles on that on.

Ok so a little RTFM, got number 1 sorted by following Help

and i’m sure the windows key answer is there but having issues
So The touch issues is fixed but still cant get the windows key working.

There is a clash in hotkeys when using the windows key. Rocky uses it to launch the app dock type thing.

If your keyboard has two windows keys you can change it to use the RHS not the LHS.

Look for a program called Tweaks

and change your super from Left to Right

I hope that sorts it for you :+1:


Hello ajrnz!

Thanks @ALan for pinging me.

Happy you have figure out the Wacom settings for touch pad, which is a Gnome settings. As far as the Left Windows key, which Gnome reserves for the Overview. We have made a change in Flame Family 2024 to remap the Overview to the right Windows key and bring back the legacy left Windows key as it was for non Rocky Linux users migrating to Rocky Linux so hopefully this will help your migration. This remapping is only done when Flame runs so when you leave the application, you get the default Gnome mapping.

We have documented in the 2024 What’s New how to set the left Windows key to the Overview so users who like this behavior could bring it back. In your case, if you are not on 2024, you could do remap the Overview following our note and perform the opposite. See

Let us know how things go.

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Thanks All for the Help, Much appreciated!
It was in 2023.2 I was having the issue and found the fix here before i read this post (thanks Logik!) Rocky hotkey
Which pointed me to The Autodesk support page here: "Super Left" key switches apps in Rocky Linux 8.5 instead of opening a contextual menu in Flame
Editing the .py file got it working.

Love your work