Flame Rocky 8.5 Wacom Mapping

I setup a Threadripper, A5000, Rocky 8.5 flame, LG 49 inch monitor.
The wacom will map correctly outside of flame, but once flame is launched, it is mapped only to the upper left quadrant of the Medium Intuos Pro.
Has anyone encountered this?


Why are you running RL 8.5 and not 8.7?

Sorry, just checked. It’s Rocky 9.3.

Contact support, and tell them you are probably experiencing the same issue as Beta Bug FP-03206.

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@andrew_heropost which version of Flame do you run?
Is the Gnome / Settings / Display / Scale = 200%, try to set it to 100% to see if you get the right behavior.


This worked for the wacom mapping issue. Thank you!!

Happy to hear you will buy a new pair of glasses to compensate the small GUI :wink:

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Or you could try go to Settings>Accessibility>and switch on Large text it will not screw icons or mapping. And check this out: Flame respect this settings and text is usable. Must have option for 4k monitor.