CentOS 8.2 - Flame/Windows key functionality

I’m on CentOS 8.2, and this OS has made the Flame/Windows key a global OS level function. So if you’re in Flame & have a hotkey that starts with the Windows key, the OS is listening & takes over – and brings up the OS desktop dashboard. This is no bueno, as it renders some hotkeys functionless.

We haven’t found a way to disable this in the OS. Anyone else dealing with this?

(In my case the hotkey is just Windows key.)

Open the Tweaks application and change the assignation for the Overview key (from Left Super to Right Super) and there you go.

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Merci Stephane. That did work, but now I don’t know how to bring up the OS dashboard – the apps in the dock on the left, etc. Not sure even how to bring up a terminal window. I’m still getting used to this OS.

I use finesse. (not joking) If you hold the key before pressing the secondary key, it works fine. If you go too fast and release the windows key before fully pressing the secondary key you will go to the OS desktop.

And yes . . . it’s annoying sometimes.

Ya, for dual hotkeys. But my hotkey (which I use hundreds of times a day) is just Windows key. So the OS takes over.

Ouch. Yeah, that sucks. I only use it as a dual key.

Never tried it myself but since you changed it from Left Super to Right Super my guess would be that the menu will be opened by the Windows key on the right side of the keyboard.

Not all keyboards have the windows key on both sides. Some have only 3 keys to the right of the spacebar.

Genius, Fred! This solved it, and I’m back to hotkey bliss. Thank you.