Rolling credits

Hi all, it’s been a while since I’ve done any of these, so just need a refresher.

I thought the premise was you had to move up by whole pixels to avoid strobing but could be wrong. Also, if this IS the case, if mastering out to different delivery specs, or main master is 4K but then also have a eco master and HD to deliver, the resizing might introduce striving so do I then have to have separate renders for each version? I know there will be something on the old forum, but this will inevitably come up again once that’s closed down…

Thanks in advance!!!

Hey @James
Some useful suggestions in this thread Text Tool

Great thanks Rich, you keeping sane?!

I’ve been supplied with a 20k+ psd rather than text file but there’s definitely some solutions in there.

Yeah. Staying sane. Drinking more and cycling less.

I much prefer the psd method. Better formatting and layout control.

I did the Bunny King scroller by saving off three or four cards with a maximum height of 16383px.

I knew there was some maths somewhere but I just followed my gut. With a feature you are not in any great hurry to rush through the credits.

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I will never do another credit roll ever again.

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I’ve used Endcrawl several times. I love it. Very easy to use, and renders are turned around quickly.

Thanks for the suggestions, it’s a low-no-budget short film type affair so I’ll hash it out myself, but Endcrawl is good to know about for future reference!