Tips on removing fake camera flashes?

I am trying to remove some awful fake flashbulb effects that have been slapped all over a commercial i need to rescue and wanted to know if anyone has any tips or tricks for treating such things.

I have tried Sapphire FlickerRemove and its not really helping much.

The problem looks like the editor has got a white frame and just randomly brought the opacity up slightly from zero over 3-4 frames…causing not only a flickery look but also buggering up the contrast etc.

I have a feeling its going to be hours of painful matching frames by eye…but worth asking anyway!


depending on the action in the scene and frequency of the flashes, you could try the timewarp trick. Cut out offending frames and let timewarp recreate the missing frames using Motion Frame Interpolation.
Has saved my ass a couple of times


Is the original footage not available?

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I’m a big fan of a hold frame before the flash, blur the hold frame, blur source same amount, subtracting blurred source from blurred hold frame and adding that result to the original source. It can often times get you in the ballpark.


Sounds intriguing…will give it a try…thanks

Unfortunately not!

Thanks…I will try it out.

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worked really well for one shot - definitely one to remember!


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