Rope removal help

Good afternoon Hive

Ive got a lovely mountain climber with a safety rope all over his hand. Anybody have some go to tips for removal? Its pretty bad with his hand rotating and fingers moving but all in the same spot so nicely in focus the whole way!


i have 2 suggestions:

  1. LS_wireless matchbox. maybe stabilize the rope first, then do wireless, then destabilize…

  2. Renée’s object obliterator setup from the logik portal. would be great if you can manage to get a matte for the wire… (if it’s really dark, try 2dhisto)

Thanks but the rope is too dominant on his hand to use either technique. You end up with a similar issue unfortunately. I cant really get a track of his hand either as his fingers really kill it and the rope throws off any track.

can you post a still, to give an idea of the shot?

also, how long is the shot? If it is short and has lots of crazy movements, maybe batchpaint your way through it?

The bit i need to remove is around 70 frames. The movments arent crazy he is basically steadying himself before a jump so his hand rotates a lot and his finger move a fair bit, the rope is moving all over his hand too. Its quite nasty

i would probably try to stabilize on the hand first. maybe with a simple point track, disregarding rotations etc. 70 frames is not short, but it could be a lot worse…so maybe i would power through paint on his stabilized hand and then destabilize

…or maybe if you can get a matte of the rope, you could shift the color towards the skin?

Any alternate takes with a clean hand?

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Hmmm possibly.

Depending on the primary and secondary movements, when they are not too bad, I would try to find the parting moments, paint the rope away in these and then use MLTimewarp to Fluidmorph in between these points. Also depending on the material you might need to combine it with parts of the real hand by reanimating its axis.

Be aware, that this is a workflow where the setup wont be capable of reworks, retimings or different handles later. And if the movement is way to heavy it won’t work anyway, but maybe it is a try.

Strong recommendation to find a replacement hand and track it in. Even if it means using the other hand and flopping it. Human body parts are notoriously averse to attempts to recreate digitally via paint or procedural methods.

Yeah i think this is the way to go, but even getting a usable track is a hard challenge because of how the hand moves and the rope interrupting it then the arm comes over it also. Is a real mare.

You don’t have access to Silhouette by any chance? It’s really good at shots like that. In fact, Ben Brownlee did a tutorial series on complex wire (rope) removals not too long ago.

I havent but this series looks great for mocha! Thanks.

Maybe i could use a powermesh on the hand?

I don’t know if you have ever had a chance to look at this. It isn’t ML-Morph, but it is totally repeatable, adjustable and fully interactive in batch or BFX. Updated Fluid Morph for Batch and BFX v2022.1

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If you have access to the Furnace, try wire_removal.

Yes Ben, Mocha’s Powermesh would be really helpful in painting in the hand. Great idea!

My brute-force approach:

get a 1pont track on the hand–hand animate if you have to–turn on the center-cross guide and keep the hand on the +, just something to pin down the hand. Setting 70 keyframes only takes like 10 minutes.

Invert the track to stabilize the hand.

if it’s tiny, scale it up (that axis should be ABOVE your stabilizer, or downstream as a 2d transform)

Then hand-animate/bicubic warp a clean patch or patches over the hand, and invert the scale and stabilization.

you can also paint on it if you’ve got the thing stabilized. Even a shitty stabilize often takes well to paint.

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paint a clean frame about every 5th frame and do Timewarp ML to create in between frames , might have to adjust how many clean frames you do but that should create a fluid morph between them fairly easily. It really depends on movement but that might work in various parts of it,

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