Router recommendations

Hello everyone
What are you guys using to get the best performance of your internet speed at home ?
I mainly intend to access my work system from home.

I’ve got the Synology RT2600ac. It was the best bet for my needs back in 2019 when I did the research. The Wifi range is good.

My work computer is wired, and you probably don’t need to spend $200 to get ideal performance out of a wired internet connection.

Higehly depends on the type of internet connection/ISP you are running.

a “router” is a switch, modem, router. firewall and usually wifi-accesPoint in one device.

Modem might not be needed if you have Fibre/ WAN over Ethernet at home, then it might be a mediaConverter for fibre.

as Long as the modem part matches the standard your ISP is giving you its usually fine that said the ISP
“router” usually is really crappy (but then that also varies widely…). so yea not really a recommendation but maybe first analyze where your bottlenecks are. Scratch Wifi from any equation , run a cable if you want to work remotely.

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I put together a Ubiquiti Unifi network which was necessary for my situation but is probably not for yours.

You can’t go wrong with routers designed for high end gaming rigs. I enjoyed my Asus AC68U with custom firmware.

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