slightlyO/T: Network cabling question

Hoping someone can offer advice regarding cabling for networks!

I am in the early stages of planning a new studio build at the warehousing complex we’re currently refurbing. I have earmarked a great location to build a studio thats away from the main offices, and one of the potential issues we can foresee is that of network cables and long distances. The distances between the main server room and lines coming into the business are easily 100-200 metres away (possibly more) from the studio site.

Is there any issues that could arise from cabling running for such distances for things like gigabit and 10gigabit ethernet? and whats the best way to remedy them?

I would have asked our IT dept, but …fill in your own response here!

thanks in advance

Ethernet is much less distance critical than many other signals we deal with, and so these lengths would likely be fine at least at gigabit speeds. However, if you want to keep it safe, do the long run on fiber. Most of the bigger routers have SFP slots (modular connectors), where you can use either copper or fiber connections interchangeably based on your needs. So make sure you have routers like that, and that should give you flexibility if you need it.

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Thanks Jan - i’d forgotten about all about using fiber!

that would make a lot of sense.

Single Mode fibre, get your tranceivers from FS-com , went down that route and i am more than happy, interconnected two buildings with 2x 10Gbit SMF fibre, bonded so its 20G between buildings which is nice.

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Fibre. Don’t even bother with anything else. It will be obsolete in 3 years otherwise. But remember: they are not copper wires. Don’t lay them out on the floor and walk on them (yes, I’ve seen that happen.)

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Fiber/Fibre for sure. That distance is getting on the long side for copper ethernet.
I’d also argue that you could use either single- or multimode-fibre at that distance, OM4 MM is good for 400m, and another vote for for all your networking needs. V cheap, v fast delivery, quality more than ok.

In our facility, which spreads over 4 acres, we use single-mode for trunking between switches and multi-mode to the servers and desktops.

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4 acres!!
thats a big facility.

Film school on an old studio site. Buildings all over the place. Lots of fiber and a serious network.

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that would explain it.!

sounds like a great site for a school.