Setting up NVMe Raids

Hi Chaps - after a little technical reassurance from those more IT savvy than I…

Just purchased two Highpoint SSD7140A pci3 NVMe raid controllers and 4x 2tb Sabrent Rocket chips for each controller, to be used as the Flame framestore.

Raid software from Highpoint has been installed before any hardware.

i am installing them into two Mac Pro 2019s. My first question - which slot in the mac is the most sensible to use?
I’m assuming its either slot 4 or 5 as these are the x16 slots with the single set of connections.

Once done - what next? i guess i need to use Disk Utility to create a raid. Whats the option most use for this bearing in mind that all the rushes will also be on the thunderbolt raid during post.

Don’t know why i was so concerned…I put them in slot 5 - works a treat.

Created the raid using Macs Disc Utility then tested using BM Speed disk and the speeds are insane compared to anything i’ve ever used before 6636mb/s write and 7350mb/s read.
My Pegasus raid manages 634mb/s write and 530mb/s read

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