Sapphire 2021.5 - delete OFX cache needed

This week we released the mid year update of Sapphire 2021.5. Lots of flame OFX related bug fixes in here and native support for Apple M1 machines. When flame goes native, Sapphire will be ready!

Two things I wanted this group to be aware of:

  1. One thing that cropped up this week was that users are reporting “not seeing the sapphire OFX plugins” after updating. Phillipe Jean correctly pointed out that a fix is to delete “/opt/Autodesk/flame_versionNumber/status/ofxPluginCache.xml” and this will fix the problem.

This a new host cache file for us, so we will work on a better integration in future updates.

  1. Sapphire 2021.50 does not currently support centOS8, but we will very soon in a free update (2021.51). I hate to promise a date in fear of missing it, but it’s a few weeks away.

Thanks, and hit me up with any questions.

Brian Fox
Sapphire Product Manager, Boris FX


Thanks Brian. Appreciate the heads up.