Sapphire not showing up Flame Linux

Hi all. Trying to get Sapphire up and running and it’s not showing up in the OFX node.

I run the following command to install:

rpm -Uvh

It says it installs correctly. It creates a folder in my OFX directory. But it doesn’t show up in the OFX node.

I’ve tried deleting the plugin cache xml. We’ve tested this on CentOS 8 with Flame 2022.2 and CentOS Rocky with Flame 2023.1.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

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Hmm. I’ve only ever manually downloaded and installed and used…

rpm -I .rpm

And that works. Did it yesterday. The other question I have is Sapphire OFX Version 11 something? We’re on 2022 something now, so, is that like a 10 year old version of Sapphire you’re trying to install?

Thanks Randy! Yep for some reason the article on the Boris website was pointing me to the old installer. I tracked down 2022 and it’s all working now. Cheers!

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