Sapphire OFX and Glows Mask

I am missing something - trying to do the Glows_mask in OFX and I dont see it in OFX??

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I’m mid- long render right now so I can’t check, but I think they consolidated all those into single OFX when they did the conversion. Glows just has a mask input now.

I found it in the Sapphire Lighting @Mbemigh

UPDATE: Ooops no I didn’t find Glows_mask sorry

Screen Recording 2021-11-30 at 11.35.47 AM

Most of the blur/glow sparks are now a combination of the originals, all in one OFX. It depends what you plug into where. You don’t need to use all the inputs all the time. One gottcha is that even when you plug in a mask, it defaults to luma instead of alpha, so you need to switch it if you are using an external mask.

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Haha yea - I thought that too Brian but I dont see a button that says like “use matte” - it glows the whole plate

Ok so do you use the one that says glow in the lighting and if so which input do I put the matte to glow around and where do you select it instead of luma?? Or am I missing a place to go (I looked on Boris) to see what everything does? I know there is a logik live but no time to watch thru that ATM - thanks!

If you want just the area defined by the mask to glow, add your image to the first input and your mask to the brown tab. It looks like the Luma/Alpha thing is only in the blur nodes.

I just got it to glow around a masked area by putting the main clip into the front and back inputs, and my garbage mask into the first blue matte input. It was still using the luma/threshold, but only in the masked area. If you want the whole thing to glow there just drop the threshold to 0.

Thanks guys!


Sadly, I have never watched these because I never have the time when I actually need them, but Boris has a YouTube channel.