Scaling GUI. Amazing

I just got the new Apple 6k XDR screen , which is amazing. But just wanted to point out how great the scaling gui feature is in the prefs/setup. I don’t know any other programs that do that sort of thing do well. I’ve got it set to 180% and that’s perfect. Nice one Autodesk.


where is that setting?..just been through flame setup and flame preferences and can’t find anything for gui in my system!

It’s in the applications folder. Utilities. Flame setup.

thanks Jon…yes - i looked in there first thing. Maybe it detects thescreen you have attached and only shows the options for specific monitors. Theres no gui settings in my flame setup.

@Jonhollis Thanks for the good words. It is appreciated.

@Lightningad That setting is only available on macOS. It is normal for you not to see it if you are on CentOS.

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i am on Mac, Fred!

have never used linux.

Ah so you finally went with the XDR vs a super wide. Enjoying the experience?

Yes. It’s such a better monitor. Would still prefer it if it was a tad wider.


I have the XDR as well. I love it. I agree it would be nice if it were a touch wider.

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Sorry @Lightningad. I double-checked and the limitation has been changed a while ago. The UI Magnification setting should appear in Flame Setup if the monitor resolution is above 1920x1080 on both CentOS and macOS.


oh…thats odd.

heres a screengrab from my mac - shows the monitor resolutions and no mention of gui settings on the Flame Setup…

Odd indeed. Could you try to go to /opt/Autodesk/“version”/cfg, open the init.cfg file and edit the UIMagnification setting toward the end of the file (do not forget to uncomment the line) to see if it has any effect.

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thanks Fred - I can see the setting is at 100% and is hidden by the#. When i try edit it it tells me its locked and won’t let me edit it. Not to worry, i’ll have another look when i get back from my hols!

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