Second monitor with Apple Mac Studio

Hi all. Ive just managed to get the Mac Studio working with two monitors properly - im sure you all know this already. so using the HDMI out for the broadcast monitor. I used to use the black magic 4k mini studio box to do this. and actually this works really well just using the Mac Studio. so you use it as a second computer monitor and then use the very handy DVI/HDMI broadcast out - set the wallpaper as black and the Wacom as only mapping to the main monitor and it works great. much less gear and saves on a thunderbolt connection. Great thing is it’s properly in sync with the main flame display. first time ive ever seen this. anyhow - just trying to lessen the gear and make things as efficient as possible!!!


Nice! What display model do you use as your second monitor?

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Yes it is working really well. Im using the Sony BVM HX310. running at 4096

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Brilliant! I need to try this!

Something has changed recently as I tried this a year ago and couldnt get it to work properly. but now it does. probably in the Mac OS im sure. The great thing is if I turn off the Sony it goes back to normal! turn on the Sony and you get a couple of screen blips then its all working good for flame work!

Don’t forget though that that HDMI output now is color managed by the OS perhaps a little differently than you might be expecting.

@finnjaeger ?

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When I tried this with my Mac Studio, the os seemed to randomly flip primary screens or switch from mirrored to extended desktops on boot up…I messed with it for about a week before finally giving up.

But that was awhile ago, so hopefully that won’t be an issue for you.

havent had that problem as yet

ive been using these settings and it looks the same to me. also the same as my Apple XDR main monitor

You need to make sure of a few things to get it correct, make sure to actually verify the whole chain by comparing it with the decklink output ideally.

  1. 50hz is probably not ideal, you want to see it in 25 or whatever your actual framerate is to judge stutter, for colors alone it wont matter much, its not too bad because you are doubleing frames, if your source is 24 it will skip frames and such in this settings , decklink will properly send the right fps which is nice.

  2. Color profile HX310 - is probably just sRGB tagged which is the same as flame UI(its a bit weird because its unmanaged it justs uses inverse display srgb for getting into colorspace) , so this would actually get you a clean output.
    you can open that profile or just set it to sRGB ti see if anything changes, if it doesnt its just sRGB, which is fine, just need to tell flame its actually rec709.

  3. check video/data levels, maybe auto is fine, macOS is probably pushing RGB full range out of the hdmi, make sure it matches setting on hx310,

best is to always visually compare it for any software shenanigans with a decklink,.

  1. HDR should work as well, but I havent checked hdr flame gui fullscreen output for macOS shenanigans

  2. Make sure hx310 is set to rec709, would be funky if it matches th XDR panel out of the box but it depends on all your settings for that as wel

Prodisplay XDR would in default mode be over saturated as its P3 and flame is unmanaged , throw up a full green color source and see if it looks like rec709 green and not p3 green its easy to spot :slight_smile:

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Not that you may run across this - but keep in mind if you’re reviewing any interlaced footage (2:3 pull-dwon, etc.), it will not look correct on an OS controlled display. You need your display to actually run at the exact video specs of your output file to properly QC it.

I don’t know (haven’t tried) the HDMI out for broadcast on Flame and if it actually separates the video specs from the rest of the OS?

Those decklink devices add a bit of clutter, but also a lot of clarity and accountability.

good point. I dont work with interlaced anyhow. only 25fps and 24 fps. so I set the hertz to be 50hz or 60hz. the monitor does the rest. ill keep experimenting. I just tried it with a studio display too. and that all worked pretty well.