Wacom with dual screens not working

hi all. so with flame 2023 I can now use the HDMI out on the second apple XDR screen. so all good. and it has no delay between the two monitors! anyhow off topic but I cannot get the Wacom to run across both monitors. its good on one and then goes into the second but has just about a line in and then stops. the touchpad works across both, even the Wacom if set to touch works across both. the system prefs say full on monitor and tablet. but it stops a pixel into the second monitor. any ideas?

Hey Jon,
I think there also is a wacom preference inside flame devices one, that has a “use 2nd monitor” button, have you tried that out already?

would that stop it using both for all uses then - ie when not using flame? I will have a look

Would be only for Flame where it’s not set to 2nd on default. So it cannot be the solution, when it’s everywhere, sadly, I’m sry

@Jonhollis How’d everything work out for you?

hi there. still can’t get it to work. waiting for a reply from Wacom support!

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Hey @Jonhollis Did you ever find a solve for this? A friend of mine is having the same issue.

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Check Flame Preferences / Input Devices. Isn’t there an option in addition to the Mac / System Preferences / Wacom setting that determines if the wacom device is used on either the Primary or Primary and Secondary screens?

Yes. I had a lot of correspondence with Wacom. As it worked on my intel Mac Pro but not the studio. Basically they broke it in the latest driver. So we had to go back to a previous one. Now works great.


Awesome. Thanks for the info @Jonhollis. By any chance do you know the version of the driver that you used to get it working?

@randy There’s the “USE OS SETTINGS” button but I’m not sure if this is the solve. On a related note though, I just put in a feature request to allow one to set in the Prefs (in a multi monitor setup) which monitor has the Flame UI, extended UI, and broadcast out. Right now it’s hard coded to Flame UI monitor 1, and Broadcast/Extended UI to monitor 2 (if you’re just using DVI/HDMI output for the broadcast out). Hopefully we’ll see in in Flame 2025 perhaps :wink:

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I’m not in front of the Mac studio right now. Will check later on.

@Jonhollis Thanks man.

@Jonhollis Nice one. Thanks man.

it works a treat by the way. ive got one of the buttons on the Wacom set for display toggle. and I can go between both screens or just the main one. and even better just worked out how to get it to always be the case when flame is active.

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Awesome, my Mac Studio is finally shipping so I’ll definitely be implementing your learning when setting up my machine. Thanks for sharing man.

I haven’t used any of my large cheese-grater Mac Pros since I got the studio. the studio with a OWC thunder blade attached is a speed machine!

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Exactly the config I’m shooting for. SSD’s all day.

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