Segment resolution and color depth

When creating the timeline I used UHD ProRes422proxy encoded files. I did some offline bfx setup and got it approved. Apparently, the proxy files were 10bit, duh. Now that I want to replace the sources with UHD ProRes444, the segment has the color depth stuck at 10bits.

I would love to change this, somehow keeping everything else intact. There is this invisible resolution/color depth lock between the timeline resolution and the bfx resolution. How do you deal with that apart from being very intelligent and creating your timeline properly in the first place :roll_eyes:


You’d have to use Reformat. Right click in your media panel

I just need the sort of metadata associated with the segment. There are segment connections as well.

I sort of know that it’s bot possible in the sense just to change this metadata. Reformat wants to render everyrhing inside the bfx but they are already 12 bit inside.

This is a link between the bfx content and timeline that we can’t change. I think… maybe this doesn’t make sense. idk…

I could be wrong but Reformat will want to re-render the proxy frames for your timeline but everything inside the BFX should remain the same and your new segment will have the correct bit depth. Make a duplicate and give it a try.

I think, once you have replaced your segments with the updated files, you can just make a new sequence with the correct resolution and bit depth, etc. then just copy/paste everything from the original time line to the new sequence, all in one go.


This. It skips the big render associated with a Reformat.

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Yep. I avoid reformat for this kind of stuff at all costs. New sequence that exactly matches your needs, copy from old, paste into new.


Somewhere around 2014 or so, Flame joined the rest of the word with some basic copy/paste functions that hadn’t been available for years. In fact, in the older versions of text, you needed to use alt-c and alt-v. There are actually some great things you can do with it. If one is ever in doubt, just try it. That’s how I learned this trick, as well as copying text from a text module to the name of a clip, and many other helpful things.

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