Send Flame to Maya. Maya has incorrect Frame rate

Hey Folks,

Im sending a scene to maya(2020) from Flame(2022.1) and when the scene loads in maya , Maya defaults to a 23.97 frame rate in the time line, when i need it to be 25fps.( as per flame project)

Because of this my keyframes in maya do not match the keyframes I have in Flame.

The animation in maya is out of alignment because it always starts the scene with a timeline at 23.97 not 25fps.

Thanks in advance for your help


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Howdy hi. Iā€™m definitely not a Maya user but did see this. Helpful?

Hi Nicolas,

Please log a support call with Autodesk Support to investigate.



Thanks Randy for the pointer. My work around was to send the scene to maya via Flame change the maya timeline rate to 25fps and then SNAP the animation key frames to the first frame of the timeline( using whole numbers) and it seems to be working thus far.
Grant , I will lodge a support case anyway because the work around is a little tedious and is a fairly tedious.