Sequence Publish <version name>

Can someone help me. It is driving me crazy.

I am updating my export presets and in Sequence Publish I have two setups. One publishes plates as v00 and my other preset publishes as v01. They both use the same token.

How do I increase a version number? I must have set this up somehow but I have forgotten.

Happy to share my presets to see if they give you the same results

1_GradedEXR_rec709_v00.xml (2.4 KB)
2_GradedEXR_rec709_v01.xml (2.4 KB)


Check out this field. It defaults to zero and sets the initial version number:

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How did I miss that?

Thanks @claussteinmassl

I think it’s one of the few fields that has no tooltip and may therefore easily be overlooked. :slight_smile: