Wiring media between Flames not working

We have 2 Flames here and I need to move some stuff from one to the other.
If I look at Flame 3 from Flame 1, I can’t see any of Flame 3’s projects when looking at projects under the Autodesk Network.
When I look at Flame 1 from Flame 3 through the Autodesk network, I see Flame 1’s projects, however If I try to push anything to Flame 1 from Flame 3, the destination library is locked. If I try acquire write access, it says "cannot acquire exclusive write access. Locked by ‘Flame’ on ‘flame1’

How do I get this to work?

  1. You probably have linux permission issues.
  2. You need to “Release Exclusive Access” for the library on Flame1 to be able to push to it from Flame 3

How do I do that?
Just to add, on Flame 1, I have released exclusive access, but it is still showing as locked on Flame 3.

Looks like I was being an idiot. You can’t copy to a project on another flame if its open.

You can if it’s to a Shared Library that you have access to

Still doesn’t explain why I can only push and not pull.
Is there anything I should do to see the other flames projects?

Yeah, you should be able to pull pretty much at will. You have something going on with your networking or permissions. Sometimes it gets dumb after a reboot. Quit flame on both machines and do “systemctl restart autofs nfs” (no quotes) as root and then try again?

I get:
Job for nfs-server.service failed because the control process exited with error code. Se “systemctl status nfs-server.service” and “journalctl -xe” for details

If you’re on Centos 8 or Rocky it might be different

No, centos 7. The command runs ok on one machine, but not the other.

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Then that machine isn’t happy for some reason. Full moon? Venus in retrograde? :slight_smile:

I’d definitely open a case with support. Likely its something really simple.

It’s planned for, a rebuild, but I need to get a project out first.

Reboot both Flames and try again?

Tried that, twice. my flame has been sick for some time, but as I say, gotta get this project out the door first.